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Hanryu's Journal

16th March, 2009. 8:45 am. Today is 23rd Skullcleaver, Bronze Wyvern, 393 AVL.

 Been having a lot of trouble with the Adan'f lately.  Invasions every few days or so.  I must admit we've been doing a damn fine job keeping them out of the city and any casualties are not down for long.  A few weeks back I brought a contingent of Rangers down from the teaching night in Haven to help Amaldriel boost the life mana in the old gorbesh fortress.  This has become triage central.

 I had a very interesting discussion with Fintrial and Gothus last night.  Apparently they don't think our current methods of killing adan'f are working and are planning on trying to talk with the beasts... or something along those lines.  I wished them luck, but also warned them that it's not good for ones health to go around talking to necromancers and their ilk.  Either you get killed by the adan'f and your eyes are taken, or you get charged with crimes against the state and aiding and abetting necromancers.  I have no compunctions about using any information they might be able to acquire, but I fear that they will get themselves in trouble one way or another.

 I find it strange they would care so much.  I'm pretty sure Ilithi is not their home, and I've never seen them in these parts before, but I had a sale to make in Leth so didn't stick around to ask about motivations.  Anyway... I wish them the best of luck.

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28th February, 2009. 8:02 am. Today is 39th Arhat, Bronze Wyvern, 393 AVL.

 Wow, had some real fun the past few days!  Four days ago we were attacked by Vigther (now the Blood Lord and leader of the Adan'f) and his crew.  I can't believe how well I managed to handle myself against the minions.  I'm used to just getting killed immediately.  Anyway, I wasn't able to do any noticeable damage to the bone mammoths, but they tore up 3 of my shields.  Had some rangers help me keep the roads clear, and as far as I can tell no beasts entered the city.  That's a victory in my book.
 Last night was completely different, in a good way.  I got out of my everyday clothes and even washed the smell of bear out of my hair.  Teamarie had organized a party welcoming Valynn (she's the therengian ambassador).  Decent ale and a lot of fun, a night to remember.

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18th February, 2009. 8:36 am. Today is 39th Uthmor, Bronze Wyvern, 393 AVL.

  Had a great chat with Kelvena as the sun was setting and rain was pouring.  As usual I'd missed some action with the adan'f stealing wood and metal from Steel Claw Clan.  I immediately thought these to be siege weapon components, but there was no real evidence for that.  We talked a little about the curse that supposedly keeps the adan'f in the woods south of the city.  I don't much understand it.  If it's supposed to keep them in the woods, or I guess "bind them to the woods" is a better way to say it, why can they just traipse around as they please killing and stealing?  I've heard Xerasyth wishes to break the curse so he can leave the woods, but he leaves the woods all the time!

It's to bad we can't get the clerics to reinforce the curse, make it stronger... I've seen and experienced the curse spells they cast, they must have some way of doing that.

Ah well I'm thinking to much, that's dangerous, not like I can do anything about any of this stuff.  Time to stash the pen and go kill some critters.

Current mood: pensive.

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11th February, 2009. 9:19 am. Today is 12th Uthmor, Bronze Wyvern, 393 AVL.

 I can hardly believe some of the stuff that's floating around about Ilithi lately.  I'm not sure where these guys are getting their ideas, but it seems they think the whole province is filled with folks just looking to kill someone, but they are the only ones I've heard spout these war mongering phrases.  If the talk wasn't so dangerous it would be amusing.

 You know me, I just went back to learning more about my armor.  All that mess is really none of my business anyway.

 I've decided that while I love me some melee combat, now that I'm a legendary ranger, heavy crossbow will be my primary weapon.  Right at 50 ranks before that's a reality.  I might have to go speak with Tolle to circle from now on though.  He has a much better appreciation for these sorts of things than Tomma.

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6th February, 2009. 12:06 pm. Today is 32nd Shorka, Bronze Wyvern, 393 AVL.

Not much to talk about, but since it's the first of summer I figured I'd jot something down while the sun was hot and I was being lazy.  Stuff's happening in the government... you know how much I've come to care about that stuff.   Vigther escaped, why they didn't just kill the bastard when they had the chance I don't know.  Here's to history repeating itself.  I'm still struggling to get my combat skills up to snuff to handle the critters that swarm over the walls from the Darkling Woods now and again.  I swear it's like running at full speed just to stay in one place.  Ah well, armor business has been hopping lately, lots of interest in my coats.

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26th January, 2009. 8:48 am. Today is 28th Lirisa, Bronze Wyvern, 393 AVL.

 Been a while, yet again.  Mostly quite and nothing much for me to report on my end.  The armor business is good, even down here in Shard.  My name must be getting around.  Closing on my goal of capped garg leathers, couple more weeks and I should be fine.

Some hubub with the adan'f again.  Vigther's in jail and the Tower's scheduled an audience in a few days...  should be something to write about.

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4th January, 2009. 9:48 am. 18th Akroeg, Bronze Wyvern, 393 AVL

 Well it sure was an interesting campaign.  You can tell folks are desperate for anything to break the monotony around here with how many showed!  It was nice to see that kind of support for defense of our lands though.  I did ok at first, slinging branches and quadrellos to good effect, but then I was charged by a shadoweaver and killed.  Not sure how they pulled that off, given they stopped being a threat to me quite some time ago.  Guess this was a more dangerous cousin.  Almost impossible to tell apart though.  This mix got me killed again not that long later.  Triage was passable.  Apparently other corpses took priority.

Guess it's back to training harder if a shadoweaver can kick my ass....

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29th December, 2008. 4:09 pm. 33th Nissa, Silver Unicorn, 392 AVL

Just just a few more days left in this year. Weather's cold, I like it.
Had a caravan with a giant silver fist painted on the side of it roll into town a few days back. They set up shop right in the Great Tower... strange. Anyway quite a bit of Gorbesh paraphernalia. Had quite a few city-fied misgueded Kaldar showing up and spending their coin.

What disturbs me most however is exactly how some trader made it all the way through the Hand and back.  It's awfully coincidental that Unorina shows up just after the mess Tomma seems to have uncovered about the Shadowweavers behind Corik's wall.  We'll see how that pans out.  Maybe I'm just inventing connections where none exit.  Then again, maybe not.

Current mood: curious.

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17th December, 2008. 7:53 am. Today is 27th Dolefaren, Silver Unicorn, 392 AVL.

 Just 4 more days till the start of winter!  My how time flies.  I've been busy but in an aimless sort of way.  I needed the break from my focused training!  The gremlins have been keeping me busy, but I'm growing tiered of the burning smell.  I keep finding these glowing fragments everywhere, and they're weighing me down.

 Well anyway, gonna go restock my herb pouch.  I'll pay good money to the first person that shows me a place to find plovik south of the Segoltha.

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24th November, 2008. 10:38 pm. 18th Moliko, Silver Unicorn, 392 AVL

 Tolle says, "So, you make a good Ranger after all.  Congrats.  Ya still got a ways to go though.  Keep cracking!  If you ever see me in a pub, I might just buy ya an ale."

And with that I'm finally a Grand Master Ranger!  I'm sure I'll remember those words forever.  We had a heck of a bash.  Man I haven't drunk that much ale in a long time.  We had over 50 rangers and gathered in Langenfirth's guild.  It was certainly exciting to see that many out and about.  

Not to decide how to direct my training from here...

Current mood: exhausted.

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