Hanryu (hanryu) wrote,

33th Nissa, Silver Unicorn, 392 AVL

Just just a few more days left in this year. Weather's cold, I like it.
Had a caravan with a giant silver fist painted on the side of it roll into town a few days back. They set up shop right in the Great Tower... strange. Anyway quite a bit of Gorbesh paraphernalia. Had quite a few city-fied misgueded Kaldar showing up and spending their coin.

What disturbs me most however is exactly how some trader made it all the way through the Hand and back.  It's awfully coincidental that Unorina shows up just after the mess Tomma seems to have uncovered about the Shadowweavers behind Corik's wall.  We'll see how that pans out.  Maybe I'm just inventing connections where none exit.  Then again, maybe not.
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