Hanryu (hanryu) wrote,

Today is 12th Uthmor, Bronze Wyvern, 393 AVL.

 I can hardly believe some of the stuff that's floating around about Ilithi lately.  I'm not sure where these guys are getting their ideas, but it seems they think the whole province is filled with folks just looking to kill someone, but they are the only ones I've heard spout these war mongering phrases.  If the talk wasn't so dangerous it would be amusing.

 You know me, I just went back to learning more about my armor.  All that mess is really none of my business anyway.

 I've decided that while I love me some melee combat, now that I'm a legendary ranger, heavy crossbow will be my primary weapon.  Right at 50 ranks before that's a reality.  I might have to go speak with Tolle to circle from now on though.  He has a much better appreciation for these sorts of things than Tomma.
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