Hanryu (hanryu) wrote,

Today is 23rd Skullcleaver, Bronze Wyvern, 393 AVL.

 Been having a lot of trouble with the Adan'f lately.  Invasions every few days or so.  I must admit we've been doing a damn fine job keeping them out of the city and any casualties are not down for long.  A few weeks back I brought a contingent of Rangers down from the teaching night in Haven to help Amaldriel boost the life mana in the old gorbesh fortress.  This has become triage central.

 I had a very interesting discussion with Fintrial and Gothus last night.  Apparently they don't think our current methods of killing adan'f are working and are planning on trying to talk with the beasts... or something along those lines.  I wished them luck, but also warned them that it's not good for ones health to go around talking to necromancers and their ilk.  Either you get killed by the adan'f and your eyes are taken, or you get charged with crimes against the state and aiding and abetting necromancers.  I have no compunctions about using any information they might be able to acquire, but I fear that they will get themselves in trouble one way or another.

 I find it strange they would care so much.  I'm pretty sure Ilithi is not their home, and I've never seen them in these parts before, but I had a sale to make in Leth so didn't stick around to ask about motivations.  Anyway... I wish them the best of luck.
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