Hanryu (hanryu) wrote,

Today is 39th Uthmor, Bronze Wyvern, 393 AVL.

  Had a great chat with Kelvena as the sun was setting and rain was pouring.  As usual I'd missed some action with the adan'f stealing wood and metal from Steel Claw Clan.  I immediately thought these to be siege weapon components, but there was no real evidence for that.  We talked a little about the curse that supposedly keeps the adan'f in the woods south of the city.  I don't much understand it.  If it's supposed to keep them in the woods, or I guess "bind them to the woods" is a better way to say it, why can they just traipse around as they please killing and stealing?  I've heard Xerasyth wishes to break the curse so he can leave the woods, but he leaves the woods all the time!

It's to bad we can't get the clerics to reinforce the curse, make it stronger... I've seen and experienced the curse spells they cast, they must have some way of doing that.

Ah well I'm thinking to much, that's dangerous, not like I can do anything about any of this stuff.  Time to stash the pen and go kill some critters.
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