Hanryu (hanryu) wrote,

Today is 39th Arhat, Bronze Wyvern, 393 AVL.

 Wow, had some real fun the past few days!  Four days ago we were attacked by Vigther (now the Blood Lord and leader of the Adan'f) and his crew.  I can't believe how well I managed to handle myself against the minions.  I'm used to just getting killed immediately.  Anyway, I wasn't able to do any noticeable damage to the bone mammoths, but they tore up 3 of my shields.  Had some rangers help me keep the roads clear, and as far as I can tell no beasts entered the city.  That's a victory in my book.
 Last night was completely different, in a good way.  I got out of my everyday clothes and even washed the smell of bear out of my hair.  Teamarie had organized a party welcoming Valynn (she's the therengian ambassador).  Decent ale and a lot of fun, a night to remember.
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